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The Epidemic of Workplace Stress Has a Cost

Our clients are thinking about big issues related to stress

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Employee Turnover

The average direct cost for an early new employee is $57,968 for an associate-level employee. (University of Virginia)

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Business Losses

The cost of stress in the workplace—e.g. lost productivity, errors, sick leave is over $300 billion per year. (Health Advocate)

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Chronic Diseases

86% of the nation’s annual health care expenditures are focused on chronic conditions—the majority of which are reversible. (CDC)

Wisdom Labs Has the Solution

The Wise@Work Communities Program Will Help Reduce Stress, Combat Loneliness, and Enhance Teamwork

Turnkey Solution for Enhancing Connection

Wise@Work Communities is a one-of-a-kind program for building connection, teamwork, and resilience within your organization. 

The Wise@Work App provides a wealth of support for the Communities program, using both ongoing skill-building and in-the-moment interventions. 

Digital Support for Your Organization’s Wellbeing

Why Wisdom Labs?

Wisdom Labs goes beyond mindfulness or resilience training per usual to create real, lasting behavior change in individuals and teams.


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The science of stress and resilience is constantly evolving. Listen to cutting-edge conversations with experts at the intersection of science and the workplace on the Wise@Work podcast