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90% agree
Wisdom Labs mindfulness tools help them work more effectively.

(Participants in a Wisdom Labs program at a Fortune 500 retail company)

Our Programs

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership

Tools to boost leadership presence, influence, and impact through mindfulness.

Emotional Intelligencd

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

The core competencies that predict success.

Thriving At Work

The Science of Happiness

Happy employees are high performing employees.

The Foundations Of Mindfulness

Foundations Of Mindfulness

Develop mental clarity, calm, and focus and grow well being on demand through mindfulness.

Manage Stress, Build Resilience

Managing Stress, Building Resilience

Navigate stress with skill and be your best in the face of any challenge at work (and beyond).

Foundations of Compassion

Foundations of Compassion

Relationship building, collaboration, and resilience skills through the science of compassion.

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership

A compassionate culture drives innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Design A Healthy Lifestyle

Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Reach your wellbeing goal and make it last.

Igniting Creativity & Innovation

Core mental habits that promote creativity and free up mental space for innovation.

Design A Healthy Lifestyle

Foundations of Mindful Parenting

Successfully balancing the demands of work and raising kids.


“We partnered with Wisdom Labs to provide a 5 week Foundations of Mindfulness program. I was thrilled with the thoughtful and research-backed content that drove wellness, employee engagement and a mindful movement at Yahoo. The Wisdom Labs team are excellent partners and are trusted thought leaders in the space. I highly recommend them.”

Emmy Negrin
Manager, Yahoo Employee Foundation


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“Your workshop set our new leadership team off to a very energetic start and helped us build trust and personal relationships. Thanks again for the useful and energizing training!”

Kavita Vora
Hewlett-Packard, HR Business Partner


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“Everyday I use these techniques to face life’s daily challenges and improve my overall outlook. They have had a profound effect on my professional and personal relationships, success, and happiness.”

Martin Kazliner
Cisco Systems


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“Wisdom Labs has been highly effective because they have taken the time to get to know us and have customised their solutions based on where we are as a company, our unique values and have adopted our internal language.”

-Martin Tracey
Chief Talent Officer, Starbucks


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“These courses seriously changed my life.”

Catherine Telis
Legal Team at Facebook, Inc.


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“In our ultra-competitive business environment, we agreed to step outside the box and consider looking at the way we work differently. We reached out to Wisdom Labs in 2015 and I am glad we did. The feedback and the associated tools were very positive. Many of our employees have benefited both personally and professionally.”

Diane Craig
CEO, Ford Motor Company, Canada


Thriving Leadership

We help you to cultivate a team of effective, resilient, and emotionally intelligent leaders.